Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Notes on gay marriage

For your convenience, herein are posted some links on the subject of gay marriage - our most current close encounter of the Constitutional kind.

1. Summary of an AEI Study on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage - July 8, 2004 - HERE
2. Download the full text of the AEI Study on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage in PDF format - HERE
3. Mr. John Yoo of AEI discusses in a Wall Street Journal article why we should "Let the States Decide" the issue of gay marriage - February 27, 2004 - HERE
4. Justin Raimondo explains the driving forces behind the gay political movement in "A Gay Man Decries "Gay Rights" - AEI March, 2000 - HERE
5. Hawaiian preview of gay-marriage coming attractions - AEI article by Hadley Arkes, "Taking Law Into Shangri-La" - May/June 1995 - HERE


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