Sunday, July 11, 2004

Is it racism or moral choice?

In today's Sunday Telegraph Will Cummins has an op-ed piece titled "We must be allowed to criticise Islam." The reason I'm posting this is that he asserts, as was similarly argued on this blog, that "Nobody is a member of a race by choice. Such groups are protected from attack because it is unfair to malign human beings for something they cannot help. However, nobody is a member of a community of belief except by choice, which is why those who have decided to enter or remain within one are never protected. Were such choices not open to the severest censure, we could no longer call our country a democracy."

Mr. Cummins thus reaffirms my contention that discrimination and prejudice based upon one's judgment of another's behavior is not and cannot be touted as racism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Cummins is to be commended for his outstanding article, but his observations about the pathetic behavior of British leaders is really about the facade of tolerance of an aberrant religion. The major issue behind the so-called liberal leadership's PC pandering is money. Read Ed Lasky's work in "The American Thinker", or my piece on Gen. Zinni, with Ed providing valuable research assistance. Simply, some of our former key leaders in the military, State Dept., and CIA to name a few, have sold their souls to the devil. The devil being Saudi Arabia, primarily. Retired Generals McInerney and Vallely touch upon this aspect in their book "End Game". The problem for us fighting the War on Terror then, is that GW is facing two sets of enemies, one set being a (hopefully) few on the home team, the other being the obvious Islamofascist armies of Middle Eastern and Central Asian rogue nations.

This is what confounds the Arabists in our own bureaucracies. They figured to milk the Saudi cash cow and tread the fine line for time immemorial. The world changed on 9/11, and, unfortunately for them and the Islamofascists, a President was in office who would no longer pander to the Old World Order. We've already moved our military presence out of Saudi Arabia. If GW is reelected, look for the US to continue a slow but sure distancing from the House of Saud, but done in a manner which maintains peninsular security and the free navigation in the shipping lanes in the area. This is what has the socialist left and fanatical terrorists in such a tizzy: no more money.

Doug Hanson

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