Sunday, July 11, 2004

Notes on a Sunday afternoon...

I should be out golfing or boating but the affairs of state keep me lashed to the wheel...yeh, right!

1. The Campaign to Protect the Constitution certainly has me outclassed HTML-wise. Very slick, indeed. However, slickness doesn't necessarily translate into correctness, i.e., accuracy. On their "Learn More" page they make the statement that "...the Constitution has only been amended 17 times in the past 214 years and only to expand rights to citizens not to take them away as FMA would do." But I do have some difficulty seeing how the XVIII Amendment (Prohibition) expanded anything other than the opportunities for illegal employment. Somebody here is writing without having even read the document under consideration.

2. Slick how Google tailors the ads showing at the top of a given blogspot blog page to the content of that page. Won't be long before the product or service you've been thinking about will be delivered or performed before you even have a chance to make a request. Your credit card will be automatically charged or your bank account debited. Perhaps we'll just have the Personal Purchases Payroll Deduction Plan and you won't have to even be troubled by seeing your money before it disappears.

3. Think I'll contact the "Campaign to Protect the Constitution" and see if they're interested in my Amendment. (I'm working on getting around to revealing that to you. Perhaps the suspense is too much and you've grown weary.)


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