Friday, August 06, 2004

PC Law Watch - "Living" Constitution on-the-run

So you think the Federal Judiciary is adamant about keeping in place that Jeffersonian wall separating church and state? Better think again. Because if you’re a native-American animist you have the full power of the Feds behind any claim you might assert regarding “sacred” burial remains and artifacts. Of course, I’m assuming that “sacred” is here being used in a religious sense, as in “sacred text”, “sacred offering” or in some similar meaning.

And, yes folks, that's just what the 1990 NAGPRA act signed into law by George the First seems to mean. You don’t know what NAGPRA is? Tsk, tsk. Why shame on you PC Dummies. That is, of course, the “Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act” - for the benefit of those among you who are less than fully informed on the machinations of our Federal Nannies. This curious piece of legislation has provided those claiming Amer-Indian tribal affiliation all sorts of opportunity for mischief while they frustrate legitimate, serious scientific research.

For more detail regarding this fascinating venture into the Byzantine thinking of today’s legislators and litigators see:

Grave Injustice
Federal laws about burial remains put politics before science.
By Steven Vincent
July 2004

Wonders never cease.


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