Saturday, August 07, 2004

For uncommon viewing pleasure

I've on more than one occasion sworn an oath to seek vengeance upon my cable company and rid myself of their usury. But, alas, I love the internet. Even more do I love my broadband connection and, with a self-satisfied air of superiority, pity those not so blessed. But I digress.

Today I discovered the "Uncommon Knowledge" program site that is produced by the Hoover Institution for PBS. One may browse through the archives of programs at the "Season" page. These programs are available as streaming video, audio feeds or in transcript form. Two from the past 2003-2004 season are of particular interest to those lurking in ConstitutionAlley. The first is an interview with Robert Bork discussing the meaning of being a Constitutional "originalist" and contrasts this with those who prefer a "living" Constitution. The second is a three-way discussion regarding judicial review and whether or not the Supreme Court is the "supreme" and "final" arbiter of all things Consitutional.



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